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    Questions on moving to TRT

    Old Man here Mid 40s.
    Have done two proper cycles in my 30s with PCT. One 9 weeks on and one 30 days on with large gaps between.
    Goals at this point in my life are simpler but focused on athletics and sports not power lifting (anymore).
    Desire - to get a scrip that I can ride out into my sunset years, that I can pin. Also run future simple cycles and not care about PCT.
    I had blood work done about a year ago and i was within range for my age but lower end on T.

    Please check this plan.
    Get fresh Bloodwork done.
    Run Fortesta for a good month or so (already have it no script)
    Stop Foresta and eat junk food - make app with doc to get my Bloodwork done to get a script for TRT.

    So I am wondering how much Foresta to use to crash to a level that I get a script that will let me run higher on the T scale.
    Ref: if my nat range currently is 600-625 ng/DL and my free is 9-10 - get a script to run Higher in both but mostly in free.

    Thanks so much for you comments.
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