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    I'm post 21 days from what I thought was bunk gear. I felt over trained. Lifts didn't go up and body weight same. Got my test results back total T was 742 ! I feel 100% post cycle than on. Gained 3lbs recently. Hard to say it's quality. Lifts are a little better too. I'm so confused. Ran test cyp and deca with a 2-3 wk of dbol added. I was desperate at end of cycle thus the dbol. Had sleeping issues, depression all the shit except for libido. That's never been a issue. I have no idea what is up.

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    so clarify, are you on cycle now or are you 21 days since being off cycle . also are you on pct drugs

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    Your post is a little confusing. If you respond to Gear's question it would make your situation more clear.

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