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    HRT and second puberty?

    Look, I know how odd this may sound okay but I've tried discussing in other anonymous forums and couldn't get anywhere with this.

    Let me start by I've already went through puberty before and now I'm in my 30s. Something has been going on lately and I need to ask someone else. Basically I'm 6ft1 and already been through the puberty game but at age 28 I had depression. I ended up getting my T levels checked and basically a full blood workup. My test was at 200 and my percentage was low, same for SHBG

    So I decided to start TRT at that time and I'm now on the same protocol for a while now that I think of it. I've read up a lot so my cycle is below "TRT"
    180x2 split injections This brings my levels above normal for me and in the 800-1000s 4-5 days after injection.

    So something has been going on in my life the past few months and somehow I am coming to think maybe this is actually the testosterone doing this to me

    I've seen many benefits basically after TRT use and even feel like puberty or something else is going on with my body. I don't have any new blood work right now but am working on it since I get bloods every 4 months

    Is this odd to anyone else or could my low T just had such a horrible effect on me that a year + later I'm changing?

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    It's not a second puberty, but yes, low T can cripple us man big time yet we get used to it, it feels like a rebirth once on a sound TRT protocol.

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    I had high 300s at 28, no libido issues but recovering from training was difficult, sleep issues all the time, zero energy in the morning. Didn't have a full beard until I was 26. After TRT my work capacity in the gym is up, recovery is up, recovery between sets is up (with no GPP work to warrant it), I sleep like a baby, beard is growing faster. Since you started with lower test levels I'd assume the effects would be more profound.

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