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    This afternoon’s blood test results

    Thoughts? I’m 46.

    WBC 6.60 [10^9/L]

    RBC 5.91 [10^12/L]
    HGB 178 g/l 17.8 g/dl
    HCT 52%

    NEUT 4.10 [10^9/L] 62.1%
    LYMPH 1.69 [10^9/L] 25.6%
    MONO 0.62 [10^9/L] 9.4%
    IG 0.02 [10^9/L] 0.3%

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    Reduce the test amount, and split it twice a week, or consider nebido or alike. Do more cardio and drink more water.

    Edit: of course will not mention the obvious of smoking, or living in altitude.

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