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Thread: Considering TRT because of PCT's side effects and plans in the nearest future

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    Considering TRT because of PCT's side effects and plans in the nearest future

    Hey guys,

    If you'd like to know a little more about my AAS and PCT history, there's a topic:

    In short, I'm 25, pharmacy student. I lift seriously for 2 years, interested in ambitious amateur sports since 15 y.o. Have done 3 successfull AAS cycles with great results (in total, 10 months of bulk + 8 months of shredding, +15 kg of LBM, +48% of AVG 1RM in main lifts). Won some cycling races years ago. Love to train smart and eat smart for more than 10 years.

    There's one thing limiting me the most, and it's T level fluctuation. Have no problem with E2 changes during cycle and PCT phases, but fluctuating T between those phases + shredding in OFF way where leptin influences T level so badly aren't so enjoyable (I feel comfortable with my physique only with single %BF and want to keep it, low T doesn't allow me to do that). PCT on Clomid and Clom's mental sides make me sick for at least a month (and I can't affort that anymore cus of my specific lifestyle - can't focus on studying), Nolva seems to be too weak for me, can't get another SERMs in my country. My PCTs end with success, but they're totally inpractical and harsh, risky as well if we consider conducting another cycles.

    Being clean seems not enough for me, my education and experience allow me to get more and after those 3 cycles I definitely want more (despite costs and sides I had and will have to deal with). Want to work in pharmacy field so I will probably have contact with medicines in the profession.

    My PROS of PCT: making T "for free"; can leave AAS and lifting and T will be produced endogenously; no need to inject anything at least E3D for the rest of your life; no need to control all symptoms of E2 being up or down (+ no need to do blood-work if everything is fine).
    My CONS of PCT: you are not 100% sure if you can run HPTA after each other AAS cycle; each PCT means harsh sides from SERM which force me to "leave my life" for at least 1 month; being OFF means being dependent on your physiology (being sick/depressed, etc.) and another hormones like leptin which influence your T level (can't diet as you wish, can't maintain low %BF as you wish, restoring T after dieting takes too long);

    My PROS of TRT: stable T level in the upper range = stable libido, strength and energy independently of environment (in theory of course), so can realize my sports goals and no need to suffer from PCT's sides after each AAS cycle; no need to be scared of low T after each PCT conducted; can manipulate the level of E2 depending on current training target & it won't affect blocked HPTA.
    My CONS of TRT: being dependent on drugs till the rest of my life (I would TRT after 40 y.o. anyway basing on current medical evidence), which means to deal with E2 fluctuations (blood-work, mental focus on that stuff) and higher cardiovascular diseases & cancer risk if T too high; costs.

    Actually, costs aren't too big in my country, 1 month of TRT (at least 200 mg of TE, 700 UI of hCG and 1 mg of Anastrozole weekly) is about 25$ + let's say 2 blood-works (E2 TT) per month 15$ = 40$ w/o prescription.

    Currently, I'm focused on my PCT and want to finish that with success. I would just like to hear about pros and cons of TRT/PCT from you, basing on my thoughts and your experience. Thank you.
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    Sorry it took so long to get a response brother.

    This is a decision you have to make man and fuck what anyone says. You seem to realize it is a marriage.

    I started my own trt because I could not handle pct. I had my goals and pct would not have allowed me to reach them. I was a nutcase during and after my last pct. I was destroying my life so I had to make a decision weighing the options.

    I could either leave AAS and my dreams or I could commit for life. There is no going back now. I do not regret my decision. I wont when and if I get old either.

    People will say oh you are only 25 blah blah blah...

    If you are serious about bodybuilding and or cycling, it is inevitable. There is no sugar coating. All guys need to be aware of this coming in.

    I wish you luck man, I hope you reach your goals.
    We get one shot, make it count.
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    I agree with Obs. It's a marriage. You just need to decide when tying the knot is right for you. I've been on TRT for more than 10 years and should have started about 5 years before that.

    You gotta do what's right and works for you.
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    You are 25. Im sorry but you are too young to be thinking of TRT.

    Whatever reasons you may have now to see it as appealing, I promise that in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years will not be the same. Family, jobs, etc you have you whole life ahead of you... Pinning twice a week will get old very fast.
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    Agree with the above. Trt isnt a goal. Its a last resort.

    Ill be pinning for the rest of my life at 19yo. Its a daunting prospect i assure you.

    You will cycle for a bit, pct and feel shit for a wee while. Trt is FOREVER.

    You will be given the feedback that you want to hear and you will be given conservative feedback. The choice is yours.

    Make it with a clear head and dont live the rest of your life in regret
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    For such suggestions this topic was made. Thank you and waiting for more!
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    Just my 2 cents worth. We've got to stop calling cycling the use of anabolic steroids for bodybuilding purposes with maintenance doses of testosterone as "TRT". I suggest we stick to the term that seems to be most common, which is "Blast and Cruse". Calling it TRT is so confusing to the newbies that come to this forum for medically necessary TRT. They see the very high doses of testosterone the guys talk about using in these B&C protocols and think that guys like me and Kel are just being ridiculously conservative telling them they should start with much lower doses and work up to what is often just a fraction of the B&C protocols.

    What most guys don't understand are the long-term side-effects of continuously running high doses of testosterone. They are real and will eventually kill you if you don't address them properly. For TRT to be implemented properly, you need to ALWAYS keep your blood levels of T within normal physiological ranges. Most of us on medically necessary and prescribed TRT stretch this a little by throwing out the ridiculous age-adjusted ranges. I personally shoot for the upper 75th percentile of a 20 to 30 year old male. This allows me to control side-effects yet still add muscle to this 60 year old body. In the past 6 months, I've added 3.25 pounds of muscle and lost 13 pounds of fat (I got off track with my eating and exercise 3 years ago and am undoing the damage).

    OK, enough preaching from my soap box! I'll just leave with the comment that B&C protocols are not TRT.
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