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    Need Long Island Endo DR. Also Uploaded Lab Results.

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been on this site for little over a year now and still don't understand that much I guess its because I am getting older and have 2 young kids. I have low T for a few years that goes from 225 to 340. My free T is fine according to my doc. He now says that I have hypothyroidism and put me on Levothyroxinc. I am just looking for a good doc. When ever I ask my Endocrinologist any questions he tends to just shut me up and tell me everything is fine. I did a A4m search but just got a lot of HRT docs. I hope someone could help with this and I hope I put this thread in the right spot.

    Thanks Everyone,

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    Uploaded Blood Work if it helps.

    Thanks Again,

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    If your concerned about Testosterone , the blood test he gave you is not sufficient to diagnose it. However, you can see that your thyroid is out of balance and he addressed it with levothroxin.

    If you do wish to look for a testosterone issue later, do it after you've adjusted to the loevothroxine. You would want to test:
    Free Testosterone,
    E2 sensitive assay (its like LCMS or soemthing, I forget but it is mentioned in threads on here).
    and I'd get DHT checked.
    If you have a problem in those tests, a TRT doc will want you to eventually get a CBC, CMP, lipid, and PSA before they administer TRT.
    I prefer tele medicine. Dr. Randy Mclain is probably the best option. I used to like Defy medical but, in my experience, the staff is prone to be...problematic.

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    Dr. Michael Rotman

    He has an Office in NYC and Long Island. He is awesome and knows his stuff.

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