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Thread: Acne on low T

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    Acne on low T

    Hello everyone. I have a question perhaps someone can help me with. I am on TRT , low dose, 120mg of cypoinate , once per week. I am also taking DIM for the E2 part of it. I seem to have developed some acne on my back and shoulders. Ccould this happen on such a low dose of test? Could it be the combination of the DIM and test? I'm taking 500mg of the DIM. This has never happen before, even when I was on full cycles back in the day. I never got acne. I'm 65 now, still training has heavy as possible. Any input anyone?....


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    Did you start TRT recently?
    Is the DIM necessary based on labs or just something recommended?
    If you continue DIM add low dose zinc. It can actually help with the acne, surprisingly.

    Odds are it's simply the increase in T levels and the resultant increase in DHT. T turns to DHT everywhere in the body except skeletal muscle. You'd be amazed how much DHT will elevate even on a TRT dose of test.

    Hey, just saw it's your first post. Welcome!

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    As KK said, down to hormonal change.

    I had pretty bad acne and have found sunbeds really help, my back was lumpy and horrible i have been using sunbeds now for 4 weeks and my back is completely clear!! Might not be your cup of tea, but well worth it in my eyes... Plus you get a tan!

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