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    Blood work need some help

    For a year or so Iíve been struggling losing some weight. Only 10 pounds or so, but seem to think it was hormonal so did some blood work. I am in shape workout etc. one thing I noticed was reverse T3. It was 29.9 with a range of 9-24.1. That a cause for concern. T4 free was 1.61 with range of .82-1.77. The triiodothyronine free was 3.6 range 2.0-4.4. Insulin was 10.1 and in good range. Total test 659 with free test 12.2 in range of 8.7-25.1. Estradiol was 28.8. My symptoms elevated blood pressure. Weight gain. Bloating. Any insight?

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    What was was your FSH and LH numbers?

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