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Thread: Sustanon & TRT

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    Sustanon & TRT

    So I'm in my 40's and was doing 250mg/week Test Cyp with a doctor for a few years. Everything was great until past couple of years, I seemed to develop a possible allergic itch reaction. It was clearly the Test Cyp since, every time I started the program, the itching reaction was right on cue. My doctor and I decide to go from sesame seed oil to cotton seed oil. Same itch reaction right on cue... I decided to stop the TRT program with a doctor because the reactions were unbearable.

    I have a few years under my belt when I did bodybuilding and cycling in my 20s/30s, so I decided to go on my own. I reached out to my old reputable source. They were out of Test E, which I had great results with in the past, so I opted to grab some Sustanon in peach carrier oil. I've understood that Sustanon is sometimes prescribed for TRT in Europe. Though I know many people have mixed feelings about Sustanon and how to dose it, I have been doing 2 shots per week for 300mg total per week. I am on 11 days, and I am pretty certain I have not felt any of the short esters.

    I am considering continuing to see if the longer esters push the overall testosterone to a level that I can feel properly, or go ahead an switch up to Test E and give up the Sustanon. I'd hate to trash some good gear, but my main concern is getting back to my overall wellness. I do feel some mild itching coming back on, and I'm hoping it's just due to the cold weather and dry skin. Nothing major.

    I'd like to see any advice anyone can provide.

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    Hey Brother I was hoping someone would weigh in on this one as I decided to go back on my Trt with the sustanon from my last blast just to use it up, but I’ve ordered some cyp as I feel like something isn’t quite right with the level fluctuations...good luck my friend

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