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Thread: got blood results, trying to figure out a plan

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    got blood results, trying to figure out a plan

    I got a blood test done. I have the results but haven't had the consultation to go over them yet with the doc. I'm 41, 6'2, about 225 and around 18 to 19 percent body fat. Looks like I have some low scores on low T. Maybe I was in denial about effects of it until I started looking closer after the results and definitely see some symptoms of it. Here are my results, was hoping to get some input on a good plan and for how long at a time, if necessary to cycle on and off, and if I need any of the stuff to avoid small testies and manboobs. lol. I don't have insurance so going prescription pharmacy may get expensive.

    total T 258, ref range 300 to 836
    free T 6 , ref range 10-20
    free T% 2.17, ref range 1-3%
    shbg 26.5, ref range 16.5 to 55.9
    albumin 3.9, ref range 4.1 to 5
    lh 4.13, ref range 1.24 to 7.8
    alt 36, ref range 7 to 56
    ast 22, ref range 5 to 40
    estadiol 27.6, ref range 7.6 to 42.6

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    That's a great answer. I don't have my Dr consultation for another week still. I have done a regular body building cycle before with success, just never as a low level maintenance. I'll be doing research of course but there is a lot to take in. Is just a testosterone and arimidex combo a good first start or would I want to add anything else in there?

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    Don't add anastrozole unless absolutely necessary. It's going to take time to dial in your treatment plan, whether a Dr. manages it or you end up managing it yourself. The addition of HCG is beneficial, although some clinics have stopped prescribing HCG and are instead prescribing gonadorelin acetate.

    I'm just throwing that out there so you understand that it's a lengthy process and you don't get frustrated.

    You've already taken a few great steps in the right direction, particularly the desire to educate yourself. As far as adding in anything else, if you're referring to additional AAS, get dialed in first. You'll have a good baseline and in the long run, you'll be much happier. If you haven't already, read the thread linked below. It's written by one of the sharpest guys I know and will walk you through the process of TRT/HRT.:

    Also, welcome to the forum!
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    I use GoodRx for test cyp. 35$ monthly for 8ccs at Walgreens.

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