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Thread: on trt and soon hgh for chronic fatigue

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    on trt and soon hgh for chronic fatigue

    Hello everyone, I'm 42, in decent shape but suffer from Epstein Barr and low testosterone . Past few months have been realy hard. I feel terrible...I've done two cycles of DECA and sustenon years ago but knew nothing about pct. Testicular atrophy set in and testosterone has been low ever since. I planned on having kids but the way I'm feeling at this point it doesn't matter. My Endo suggested trt and I had my first shot yesterday. I also have HGH and plan on starting that soon. I plan to begin with 2 iu a day and see where that takes me. I also had trt about 4 years ago and developed saggy breasts. I've done the research but still am confused. I was thinking of adding arimidex or nolvadex while on trt. My main problem is fatigue. Any help would be great

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    Hi Petez. What was the diagnosis for your low T? Meaning what did your doc say caused it? Most people on TRT should be on HCG . Read GD's sticky thread on the top of this forum for complete info about it. Print it out and take it to your doc as well.

    Arimidex should be added based on BW. Everyone's goal should be to not have to use it if at all possible. Nolvadex is a SERM and will not stop estrogen from rising, only block it from receptors in your chest. So, if an AI is needed it has to be balanced out in conjunction with frequent BW to determine an effective level for you based on how you feel. Less is more here. Then, if/when you add HCG you have to adjust once again as it can change your levels. In other words, getting dialed in takes time and patience.

    I did a little reading on Epstein Barr and it can lead to mono and fatigue. Does not sound fun. Sorry to hear about that. Do you have your most recent pre-TRT BW that you can post for review. It would help us help you.

    Welcome to the site.

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    You need to be under the care of a good doctor - an expert in male HRT.

    The questions you ask, and suggestions you offer, are simply not things that people on a forum are qualified to help you with in the fashion that you require.

    You undoubtedly have some degree of depression. The severity of which we cannot know just from this single post, but to ignore that is a huge mistake. TRT might help you, but it's shortsighted to say that your only issue is low testosterone . In fact, low testosterone might simply be a symptom of whatever bigger problem(s) might be at play here.

    I strongly recommend you find a truly qualified doctor as well as avoiding self diagnosis and self treatment. By all means inform yourself, but use that as a tool to work with your doctor.

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