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    mixing jintropin and kexing

    i just bought a kit of jintropin and i'm gonna test-run 2i.u. a day for 50 days and then i want to bump it up to 4 i.u. a day. i was wondering how it would work if i used kexing once i get to 4i.u. a day. cycle would look something like this.

    1st 50 days 2i.u. jintropin ed
    next 30 days 4i.u. kexing
    next 25 days 4i.u. jintropin
    next 50 days 2i.u. jintropin
    there's a good chance i would be throwing some sauce,primo,winny and slin into the mix as well-but i was just wondering how the growth part looked

    ALSO HAS ANYONE ORDERED FROM SATCH-would appreciate some feedback

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    Kexing is a 192aa, which can cause anti-bodies, that would render the HGH useless, if you got the anti-bodies. So why take the chance, stick with jino


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