He typed this out in about 5 minutes so excuse the grammar and spelling, I need some input on this from the brainiacs of the board. Thanks in advance?

"first 4 weeks: igf 1hr before workout and immediately after workout bilaterally injections so right leg left leg before and after or whatever muscle your working out.
If your working out more than 4 days a week just do injection immediately after. before and after injections are the same amount which would be 10mcg bilaterally which is 20mcg total before and 10mcg after bilaterally which for the day would total 40mcg for the day. Start taking your methasteron one day before your last igf injection of the four weeks. take methasteron at 20mg in the morning and 20mg one hour before workout, and on off days take 20mg morning and 20mg in the afternoon. Do not take in the evening or before bed, so you do not mess with hormonal levels when you are sleeping. take methasteron for two weeks and on the last workout before you are done taking methasteron take the igf that day with the same protocol as before(except this post cycle will only last two weeks). Also with the PCT begin the clenubuterol(pyramid it to your tolerance then down to where you began for the last day of the about two weeks) the day after your last day of methasteron, also take organic maca root, organic feunugreek, and organic red rice yeast for these two weeks and start the same day as the clenbuterol .The day befor your last igf injections start with methasteron again at the same protocol as before. after you did four three two week cycles of methasteron then do the same PCT protocol with the igf, clenbuterol, maca, fenugreek, and red rice yeast for 4 weeks instead of two. During the whole protocol you will shut down your testosterone where you need ancillaries to bring it back up which is good because that is where problems arise. What ever your gain you will keep and you will be leaner, fuller, stronger, and larger. Make sure on this program that you get your low glycemic carbs daily such as oatmeal, whole grain breads, etc. because both methasteron and igf bind at the insulin receptor so you need a steady flow of carbs to full your body and for the two substances to work correctle and also so you dont feel light headed dizzy or pounded headaches from being hypoglycemic, dont worry about the carbs your body composition will still transform dramatically."