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    would this be ok for 5days 2 off

    week 1-4> 2iu daily
    week 5> 2.5 iu daily
    week 6> 3 Iu daily
    week 7 and week 8 > 4 iu daily
    week 9 and so on staying at around 4 and 5 iu daily

    Looking to use HGH around 5 or maybe more months using 5days and 2 off does this look ok.... thanks

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    Looks good.

    Good luck.


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    You will probably find that it becomes kind of a hassle to always measure and constitute it as planned when doing 3IU's. For example rather than 3, you may wish to take 3.33. This allows you to constitute one bottle for 3 shots. Then to conserve slightly, you can take a day break between bottles. Therefore you would be doing two vials every 8 days.
    Of course it is easy with the 2, 2.5.

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