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    Insulin and unwanted fat

    Hey guys

    I'm thinking about adding insulin to my next cycles. I have done 5 cycles and i want to add something new this time. My next cycle will include test and tren with oral kickstart. My main concern is will i gain alot of fat with insulin? I want to keep my lean condition, I eat clean foods all the time and i do cardio everyday.

    I will inject humalog pwo from 1-10 iu and drink weight gainer instantly right after, and after about hour and half i will have chicken with brown rice. Do you think i can put on some quality mass this way? And ofcourse i will have gatorade and some candy incase of hypoglycemia.

    250 lbs

    1-12 Test
    1-8 Tren ace
    1-4 Oral
    Nolva and hcg pct

    Please give me your opinion, is it possible to use insulin without putting on fat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnbig View Post
    Please give me your opinion, is it possible to use insulin without putting on fat?

    Most everyone WILL gain fat on their first cycle of slin.

    This is due to the fact that you will be learning how your body reacts to insulin with respect to Blood glucose levels. Everyone reacts differently.
    You will thus not be able to just jump into using slin with "already" dialed usage of carbs. By dialed in, I mean the minimum needed without going to hypo heaven.
    I guarantee you, your first time, you will defnitely be overdoing carbs to stay alive as you learn the subtlties of whether you are going hypo or having panic attacks/anxiety.
    As you get accustomed to your body's relationship with slin, you will have a better understanding on how many carbs you can get away with.

    I firmly believe that anyone who considers Insulin use for the first time should definitely embrace the idea of some fat gain and not try to reduce their carbs in fear of this. Your life depends on it.

    PS- You may definitely consider using Slin with GH as the synergy is there as well as the balance that GH tips in favor of lypolysis, especially while using slin and excess carbs.

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    When it comes to fat storage it all depends on your diet. Too many carbs will be stored as fat so you will need to fine tune your diet somehow in order to minimize fat gain.

    If you're happy with your current condition and don't want any excess flab I suggest you stay away from insulin . I only use insulin as an addetive, it's not an overly important compound to add to your cycle.

    Insulin has the potential for mass gains but the process is mega long. There are certainly easier ways of gaining muscle mass and insulin would be my last option if I was after those type of gains.

    We have plenty of info on insulin use so use the search function and ask questions later.

    Good luck.


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    Thanks alot guys . I appreciate your help

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