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    Question Hgh Mix/reconstitution question

    I've been reconstituting 10iu vials with 2CC (200 units) of Bac water.

    Any negatives to reconstituting with 1CC (100 units) instead of 2CC?

    Thanks all.

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    Thats how I have always done it.........100iu to to a 10 iu vial........1 click gives you 1 iu!

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    yeah 1cc is pretty much the standard..much easier for measurement

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    1ml is all you use for 10 iu vials

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    Maybe he thinks if you use 2x as much bacteria water you get 2x as much HGH. LOL
    NO if you do that you are diluting it to much or at least you will need to double your iu injections to get what everyone else is getting.
    Like everyone said, stick with 1ml

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