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    Is it ok to start an HGH cycle during PCT?

    I'm just finishing up on my second cycle of Test eth 500mg 10 weeks, Dbol 50mg 4 weeks and I'm thinking I would like to give growth a try. Seeing as summer is starting to get close I and I will not be ready to do a cutting cycle until mid summer when I'm recovered. I am thinking about giving Growth a try part way through my PCT or shortly after.

    My thought on this is it may help maintain my mass that I gained on cycle as well as help me cut some fat for summer. Then sometime mid summer get on a cutting cyle to mix with the growth.

    My initial thought is to work up to 2-5iu 5 days a week (Yellow Tops)
    I was also considering throwing in a clen /T3/Keto mix into this.


    30 years old
    14-16% bf
    finishing up 2nd cycle

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    It's pretty common for people to use hgh during pct. Most like to start it before the cycle even starts just to get the synergy between the hgh and aas.

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    some people stay on for 9 months at atime and run a couple cycles and pct during that time.. no problem

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