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    Brand new guy needs some help...

    Im brand new to this and i want to better understand what im doing since this is my first time. I just got 5mgs of GHRP-6 and 2mgs of CJC-1293. I also got 30ml of BW. Im 31, 6'1" 225lbs and around 20% body fat. I have been lifting for a few years and my goal is to add lean muscle while cutting my body fat in half. From everythning i have been reading i plan on going 100mcg x 2 ED with the ghrp but im not sure about the cjc1293. I have been reading up on all this for quite a while but can still use as much help as i can get so i can better understand what im doing. If you guys can give me some advice on the cjc1293 and let me know if im heading in the right direction id really appericiate it!

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    You are not heading to the right direction, imho.
    First, improve your diet and reduce your bf naturally.
    Then, you may consider an exogenous help but not in the form you wrote.

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