So I am about to start PCT and I have a nagging shoulder injury. I have already gotten 1 cortisone injection right before my cycle which has long worn off. Is there any reason not to get another injection during PCT? Also interested in Igf-1 lr3, TB-500 and Ostarine (although I have heard it can be suppressive so may not).

Hoping the combination of lowering my training volume, a cortisone injection and at least the lr3 and tb-500 combo will help my shoulder heal up. Was thinking at the end of PCT might take a few more weeks off but I will see how it goes.

So here are my questions:

Is ostarine suppressive or at least suppressive enough to hinder PCT?

Is there any potential problems getting a cortisone injection during PCT?

If you have used either, the tb-500/lr3 or tb-500/lr3/ostarine combo, have any insight or advice for me? How were your results?