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Thread: HGH and Skin

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    HGH and Skin

    Hey guys,

    I've read through some of the logs here on hgh cycle and the effects it had on the individuals skin. Some of those people were running "too low" of a dose 2-3iu and only getting benefits such as better sleep or better skin.

    My question is regarding skin. After my last cycle of test + tren , I got some pretty bad acne from it. Soon as the test was out of my system and got on pct, I stopped getting any and now just have the remainder left which is slowly exfoliating off. (Last time on a test only cycle, it took 5 months to be 100% clear after pct).

    So for someone looking to use Peptides, as they are more readily available, often less counterfeited, and cheaper, what would be a good choice to use for benefits on skin? A low dose wouldn't provide much muscle gain or fat loss, but would it provide better sleep and skin? What kind of peptides would be more geared towards that?

    Thank You for any help, just trying to learn.

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    IMO the better skin with HGH is a side effect not a primary response. You'll get a lot further with skin care products over HGH. The acne is sub-dermal so the blotches needs to be exfoliated away just like what's happening now. I've used HGH for 5 years in a row and everything I cycle I still get acne and takes months to go away.

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