Hi everyone its been awhile since ive been on here. Since my last post i ran a cycle of test e and dbol at low dosages and had incredible gains. I know alot of people will tell me how damaging this could be because of my age and i understand this. Im not gonna argue it at all because i did alot of research before my cycle and learned alot. I am also going to be graduating next year with a bachelors in biology from rutgers.

Before i ran my cycle I got bloodwork done and looked at all my enzymes, rbcs, etc to compare to on cycle and off. I also specifically looked at my natural testosterone levels because a key indicator in how well developed your endocrine system is, is youre hormonal levels. My natural testosterone production was about 1300ng/dl which even taking into account that not all of this is free testosterone is still high, which is a strong indicator my endocrine system is near full development.

I ran that cycle when i was 22 and about 4 months, it was
250 mg test e injected bi weekly (500 mg a week total) for weeks 1-10
30 mg dbol a day for weeks 1-4
arimidex .25 mg a day throughout cycle

my pct was 100-75-50-50 mg clomidiphene citrate with 50 mg of nolva a week

ive now been off for three months now, my bloodwork was good on cycle, its perfect off cycle, all my hormones are back to normal as well as enzyme levels. i gained a total of 22 lbs (from 211 to 233) then lost about 9 lbs mostly water during pct, as i have retained most of my strength.

Amyway I just wanted to share that, so hopefully people will be willing to help me with designing my next cycle as they will see i am not an idiot headstrong kid with no knowledge on the subject haha

So for my next cycle this is what id like to run:
dbol weeks 1-4 at 30 mg/day
test e weeks 1-16 at 750 mg per week injected biweekly
tren acetate weeks 1-14 at 100 mg per week injected bi weekly
arimidex or letrozole to counter estrogen effects
humalin insulin injected immediately post workout (not sure what dose)?
mgf injected post workout intramuscularly (not sure what dose)?
igf lr3 injected off days intramuscularly?
hgh fragment 176-191 ?
ghrp-5 ?

i will alo be taking melanotan 2 with this cycle to tan as well as various support supplements and definitely a prolactin antagonist for trens sides.

my questions about this cycle would be is there a point of dimished returns running tren? also id like to keep the dose low ice its my first time using it but is 100 mg a week enough to see its full potential?

I want to either run a form of igf or insulin along with this cycle as tren increases muscle satellite cells sensitivity to igf. Ill post this in the insulin section as well.
what i want to know is what dosages should i consider running for insulin and is it most effective run in conjenction with igf?

as far as the mgf and igf lr3 should i consider peg mgf? what would be the advantages to this.
its hard to find alot of clear cut info on these peptides as theyre all in research stage, but from what i could find, basically mgf would be most effective injected intramuscularly immediately post workout as it has a short halflife and thats when your natural mgf levels are skyrocketing as well. and igf lr3 is best injected on days off or every other day to help keep igf in an elevated state

as for the hgh fragment, id like to run that primarily to keep excess fat off as im bulking and hopefully result in a lower bodyfat percentage ( when i come off this cycle i want to cut and then compete)
it probably wouldnt be effective to run grf or ghrp with injectable hgh because it is exogenous hgh, so increasing pulse length and frequency wouldnt result in any increased effeciency, but i included that to see if anyone says otherwise.

as for my pct my only question is since i want to run a slightly longer cycle, should i consider using hcg perhaps during the last two weeks of cycle and into pct a little?

anyways please give me your honest input and advice or any concerns about my cycle, as this is just a theoretical cycle i want to run to utilize tren to its maximum effeciency. PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY YOU SAY SOMETHING, DONT JUST SAY DONT DO THIS OR DO THAT, i would like to understand the reasoning behind it as well

and last thing, if anyone could suggest dosages for the peptides thatd be helpful, its hard to find any clear cut info on the proper dosages as most you come across is just "bro science"

Thank you All!