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    IGF-1 LR3 in Post Cycle Therapy

    I also posted this in the pct section, but after more than 24 hours I thought I would try here to see if I could get a response from someone.
    I have kind of a vague question for anyone willing to help. I just came off an almost year long cycle (I know I'm an idiot for the length), but what's done is done. I ran a couple different compounds, but ended it on a Test Prop/Equipoise stack. I'm now in Pct, using clomid and igf lr3. So my question is about the lr3 in pct, I was planning on running it for 40 days. The last cycle I did was a much shorter cycle (12 weeks) and when I came off I lost a huge percentage of my gains, in said scenario my pct was the same minus the igf. This time, I've been off for a little while now and I lost an initial maybe 5lbs on the first few days, but that was very clearly water. But that's it. I've held the rest, to my shock. I stopped the cycle when I was about 214 now I'm showing 208.
    The question is, is the igf solely responsible for helping my body hold onto the muscle, and if so what should I expect when I stop using it?
    Thanks for any knowledge you wish to share!

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    Solely responsible? No. There are several factors involved.

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