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    Hey folks i have been looking for hgh for years since its a tad scarce where i am. I managed to get kigtropin but its got terrible reviews from 2009-2013 but seems to be okay this year...... I have tested it on a pregnancy kit and came up negative but il still spooked by the reviews.

    I plan on taking 2iu upon waking and a futher 2 iu pre bed Mon-fri. I have used hgh before and i have used 5iu at night for 3months mon-fri before switching to 5ius upon waking for 3 months after a few weeks chstting on here....

    So please any advice or thoughts..... They are all welcomed

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    I used kingtropin years ago and likes it but everything seems to be faked now. It's almost pathetic. I always just shoot 4 ius twice a day until my wrists hurt and my fingers swell. That's my test because hgh always does that to me
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