Any of you guys ever run low doses of peptides? lower then the saturation dose of 100 mcg?

Thinking about running mod-grf and ipam 3-4 times a day at 50 mcg each. Wondering, in the long run, if the benefits would equate to something similar to doses these two at 100 mcgs.

Due to costs, I want to try and save money by doing lower doses. I have ran ipam in the past and liked my results. I prefer ipam over ghrp-2/6 due to the fact that I don't get cortisol/prolactin sides.

When dosing more then saturation dose (say 200 mcg each, double the amount), you get more of a GH pulse then you would 100 mcg, but no where close to double. So im thinking with half saturation dose (50 mcg), I would still reap the benefits of the peptides. Not close to as much as I would with 100 mcg, but still enough to feel the benefits.

Wondering what peoples thoughts are on low doses. Is it pointless? Have you ran low doses of these 2 peptides before (or any of the GHRP-2/6 with good results?

What I hope to get out of this: Increase in LBM, lower bf%, better sleep/recovery.