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Thread: Advice for an older dude

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    Advice for an older dude

    I'm 48 y/o and weigh 240 lbs. I do endurance based military style events like carry heavy stuff for anywhere from 12 - 55 hours. I train for this a lot and have been for years. When I was 25 y/o I was 205 and solid.

    I've really cleaned my diet over the last year. I consume 1500cals on average. Take in at least 125g of protein daily. Eat a lot of plants and very low to no starchy carbs. Drink a beer or two a week as a luxury and that is my cheat.

    My wt remains unchanged. I'm looking to lean out and lose body fat. I want to be able to recover faster as it has gotten hard to recover as I've gotten older. I do about 40 miles a week between walking, running, rucking 4-5x a week. Do body wt exercises 3x week. Swim 1x week. Lift 1-2x a week.

    Age has really not done my body good with mainly weight and recovery time.

    I'm thinking doing low dose Primo or Sustanon .... like 100mg a week on day 1. And doing doing 250IU HCG day 6 and 7 each.

    Any input?

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    I put this in the wrong forum. But since I'm here...

    After reading a lot on here and other sources it does sound like HGH could of benefit as well. However the real issue is that it is almost impossible to get for newbie. I get that.

    Assuming that I could get legit HGH, I would like to hear what people have to say about HGH helping me in my situation.

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    I posted in your other thread
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