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    Blood sugar readings around slin use

    So I have recently started a cycle of slin 10iu post workout + 3iu HGH.
    Decided to get a blood glucose moniter and track my shit so I can get a better idea of how my body responds.

    I have been drinking a shake along with my slin/hgh pin that consists of 100g Karbolyn + 50g iso whey, followed by a meal 60 mins after pin which consists of 40g protein from extremely lean meat or egg whites with 40g carbs from white rice and 80g carbs from brown rice.

    Yesterday my blood sugar was fairly normal throughout the whole process.
    Today I reduced the Karbolyn to 85g (so 8.5g car per IU).
    Blood sugar 30 mins post pin was 124
    Blood sugar 60 mins post pin was 54 and I was feeling a little woozy
    Immediately ate my meal and took 12g carbs in from glucose tabs just in case.
    Blood sugar after that was 78.

    Can someone translate what this means?
    I'm just playing around with it to see how low I can take the Karbolyn per iu of slin. Once i figure that out then I'm gonna bump up to 15iu I think.
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    what type of insulin are you using

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