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    Elbow injury!! Help!!

    ive been working out for almost two years straight now and never had any injuries what so ever. but now i have a pain in my inner elbow that extends to my wrist and sometimes behind my shoulder muscle. when i first got this pain i didnt think any thing of it, i figured it would go away in a day or two. Damnit!! its been three weeks now with pain and no working out, im losing my size, i have a lost in appietite, and all around feeling low and actually feel depressed that i cant workout. Does anyone have advice for me on what the pain could be and what i could do to help keep my muscle mass? thanks alot

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    Golfer's elbow is tendinitis on the inside of the arm, i believe. I had a similar problem and stopped working out with one arm completely for a few months. It was amazing how fast I lost strength & size. My advice would be to only stop doing exercises that are painful, and see an orthopedist if it doesn't go away in a month or so.

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