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Thread: Wrist Pain

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    Wrist Pain

    For some weird reason my left wrist hurts me..if i move it up and down when i press down like flexing my left forarm it cracks and I cant hold it for long..and if it has pressure on the palm by the wrist i feel pain on the wrist..its weird I dont know what cause it but it all starts after arm day...i've been lifting for 6 yrs and never had this problem..what advice would you guys give me? I already took a week off ..felt better and when pain returned after I started again..

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    In the past year I have had problems with both wrists due to hand placement on certain exercises, such as not keeping my wrist straight and stiff when benching and/or too many Preacher curls. I bought a smaller wrist brace and it has taken the pain away for the most part. It also helps remind me not to let my wrist extend back too far.

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