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    Freckles, black spots, no tan after Melatonan II

    Hi there

    I've been using Melatonan II for over 2 weeks now and I didn't get any tan at all. I got several black spots/freckles on my face I never had before. I'm pale and normally I never get a tan. I just burn. I live in Scotland and don't get much sun here. I inject 2x250 msg a day

    Would you advise me to discontinue to use the melatonan? Do you think the freckles will disappear?

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    Takes sun exposure as well for that peptide to work, tanning bed may help but if your not getting some sun your wasting time and $$$

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    Check this link out. Lots of info on freckles and black spots.

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    Yea try to get some sun if you can but as you are from Scotland that might not be possible.Go to the local tanning salon and lay in the sunbed.In my experience combining any type of tanning product with normal tanning will make your tan look a lot more natural.

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