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    Oral acne meds besides accutane?

    Not sure if anyone knows, but it's a bitch for a female to get on accutane. They make you take a pregnancy test via blood every week, and you have to prove (somehow) that you are on two forms of birth control. I had a tubal ligation and also shut down my menstrual cycle via steroids so no way in hell can I get pregnant, but that wasn't good enough for them.

    I used accutane for one month and decided the weekly blood work just wasn't worth the hassle. Tried to buy it online but got scammed.

    So...anything else I can get from a derm? I've tried retin-a but it didn't work, and I've read that acne is best dealt with via oral meds and not topical anyway.

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    sometimes they prescribe certain antibiotics for acne. I know I tried minocycline but it didn't work for me.

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    I have used Doxycycline at 50mg every morning for a month and it cleared me up for several months.
    Now I didn't have steroid induced acne. But it worked great.

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    Take a look here... This works very well for me.

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