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    Working out with sciatica

    Has anybody continued to workout through sciatica. My pain seems to get a little better as long as I continue to really stretch throughout the day. When I'm complacent and not doing anything it tends to hurt more.

    So I'm just wondering if anybody else has worked through it and did not take a break from the gym. I start a cycle of test e 500 mg a week here real soon and and I don't want to start if I can't continue going balls to the wall

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    i use to have the symptoms really bad. my back pain started about 8 years ago from working construction everyday. sometimes it was unbearable. i tend to stay away from the dr's office as often as i can. i like to do my own research and try and help myself first before seeking a "professional" opinion. all of this was before i had started any sort of weight training. after much reading and mostly conflicting claims, i decided to give inversion a try. now keep in mind this is just my personal experience, but the first day inverted, i was able to tell it was going to have a positive effect on my back. i utilized my moon boots for almost an entire year, several times a week. it got to where i could invert for 10-15 minutes without any discomfort in the tops of my feet (where all your weight is pulling down on). one time i even fell asleep, but that was ALL BAD. i woke up and felt like my head had fallen out of socket and like my neck was cracked along the sides. DON'T FALL ASLEEP INVERTED DUDE! It's been quite a while since i've hung, like over a year, but the pain has never came back.


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    Yea if your sciatica is coming from degenerative disc disease or bulging disc like mine, decompression therapy works great.I personally hate the inverted tables so i bought one of these Nubax Trio Back Pain Reliever: Sports & Outdoors . I prefer the nubax because it pinpoints the lower back where my problem is. I now only need it after tough leg or back days and about 6 min before bed is all it takes.Found mine on eBay for less than $150.
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    Dealing with it now. Sitting around doing nothing hurts more than working out. Keep stretching and try to do more exercising sitting or laying down vs standing.

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