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    I have a lump on both of my shins when I do cardio I can only do the elliptical or the bike with out pain, my legs are fairly small compared to the rest of my body but very strong I have no problem with leg press or squats but something as simple as walking to the store can cause me excruciating pain!! Please help

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    shin splints?

    really though... you should probably see a doc or phys therapist.

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    ^^^ I second that(seeing a PT)... Snd it definitely sounds like shin splints(but never really heard of a ball on your shins... Anything is possible...

    Did you used to do a lot of high impact excersises or running on pavement?? This could cause shin splints(any high impact excersises will add to effecting your shins...

    But I'd seek a Drs opinion for sure!

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