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    The answer to your Errectile Dysfunction Problem--Testosterone ?

    Hey Buds,

    Ran across this article regarding getting hard and its relationship to the Pelvic Floor Muscles. While "I've never had this problem" (cough cough), its is a common problem for MANY MALES today (even the young ones).

    Apparently, your erection strength is largely related to your "levator ani muscle" which is largely affected by your testosterone levels . *yeah...i never heard of it either.

    I'm not a heavy user (i cruise betwee 1-200mg/wk and my test levels stay in the 1600 range)....BUT friends of mine use WAY MORE than that and i hear them complain about erectile dysfunction. Everyone is doing Viagra, Livitra, "Manup", etc. This article SEEMS TO SUGGEST that Androgen based Steroids help with this issue.

    Because the levator ani is the largest and the most functionally significant, it has been the most frequently researched and analyzed of the pelvic floor muscles. Of all the muscles in the human body, scientists have suggested that the levator ani muscle is the most androgen sensitive. Studies on rats have shown that castration, which in essence eliminates most of your body’s primary androgen, testosterone , causes a decrease in both the fiber area and weight of the levator ani muscle. When castrated rats are given testosterone, the levator ani doubles in size within nine days reaching a level similar to non-castrated rats. What is unknown and perhaps more interesting, is the effects of long-term testosterone administration on the levator ani in humans? The prodigious doses of androgens taken by the elite bodybuilder today has an obvious and profound effect on the chest, back, bis, tris etc. Would this also cause a tremendous hypertrophy of the levator ani and related pelvic floor muscles? Would this explain the effect in certain men who use steroids the amazing ability to “stay hard?”



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    Its well known that taking steroids will cause a great increase in libido and erectile function....until, sadly, the body adapts and then the opposite is true....

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