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    Recovering from a distal bicep detachment surgery.


    I'm recovering from a distal bicep detachment after messing around on the Olympic Rings acting like I'm 20 (when I'm not). Was getting strong working a 5-3-1 program. Now I can only do legs for the next two months.

    What would you suggest to help get back to my old self again (or stronger)?


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    A good physical therapist will be able to get you back to where you'd like to be. Find one who specializes in working with athletes. Many PTs spend their time working with old folks who are just trying to regain function. A PT who works with athletes will be better suited to focus on getting your strength back.

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    I tore mine back in 08. Pt for 12 weeks which I did to the letter. I was fighting at the time and still worked my legs, even push ups and segued into light bench presses. It took a year for my right arm to look like my left one. Accept it......take the time necessary to heal. Back and biceps will be a slow go of it and keep your arm slightly bent.....don't over extend that arm or it will let you know about it.

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