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    remedies for headache during lift

    alright so every once in awhile while doing last rep of a set or something close i get a sudden deep pounding headache on the backside of my head. Im breathing while lifting and i purposley stretch my neck real well to prevent this. Anybody have any remedies for this? i tried an aspirin before workout but still comes once i get to those last reps or if i do short rest periods in between sets. any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    I used to have these headaches, until I took a blood test and found out I was lacking some essential vitamins, mainly iron and Vitamin D. I began taking them and combined that with watching my breathing and correcting my form on all workouts. After a while, the problem sorted itself out. Maybe you should give that a try.

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    Sounds like exertion headaches. Do a Google search for exertion headache. Don't let the info scare you too much. Just know this is something you need to get medically checked out to make sure of the cause. Anti-inflammatory meds are sometimes prescribed.

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    Also make sure you dont have high blood pressure.

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