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    Question Drug Intervention Options for a friends Ruptured Disk

    Firstly a big HELLO to everybody, not sure if anyone will remember me but I used to post on the forum quite a bit between 2005 and 2010. I have been busy pursuing my studies in biomedical science and just generally living life. have had a few rough patches so became distracted from many past hobbies (such as posting on here) but things are reasonable on track these days. In case anyone is interested I'm still training though haven't done any competitions lately. Atm I train solely for my own satisfaction.

    The reason I'm posting today is because a good friend overseas ruptured a disk 12 months ago and is still not able to perform at his peak. He teaches and trains MMA.

    I'm sorry if this question has come up before but I was hoping to hear opinions on possible combinations of Peptides/Hormones/SARMS /Research Chems when it comes to having the best chance of bouncing back from such an injury?

    The reason that I thought this deserved a unique post is because I was also wondering if anybody knows of any China based websites or even clinics where such things could potentially be obtained in China? I realise generally source related questions are/were frowned upon but this is a bit different. Are there sports medicine clinics or an equivalent kind of place in or around the province of Suzhou in China where he may be able to seek assistance?

    Currently doing my own research but any advice greatly appreciated.

    It's good to be back on the forum, I should really make more of an effort to remain an active member.

    Thanks in advance guys/girls (didn't used to be many female members but maybe times have changed).

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    If you can find a real manufacturer of HGH in China that would be a good thing to go with but beware there are 100s if not more fake manufactures out there in China and only a couple real ones.

    Also look into TB-500. Lots of people have reported good experiences, myself included although i dont use it regularly or like I should have but those who do have nothing but good to say.

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