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Thread: AC Joint Pain

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    AC Joint Pain

    I've been having pain, loss of movement and a noticeable/painful bump on my AC joint for the past 5 months. It started after a workout where I did weighted dips and close grip bench (two exercises I have not done since the pain started). I went to the chiropractor 3 times - no help. I went to an orthopedic doctor 2 months ago who took x-rays and said my AC joint looked fine. I asked him to examine the bump and he said that it's probably due to my clavicle rotating a bit and was nothing to worry about. I told him I was in pain and he said he could give me a shot if I wanted and then he took my $50 co-pay. After doing more research I think I have distal clavicle osteolysis (weight lifters shoulder). I have continued to lift through the pain but I've had to cut out a lot of exercises I used to do. I know this will only get worse, and I don't want to jump right into surgery but what I've read about the arthroscopic procedure has reassured me that surgery would probably leave me better off. I was hoping to see if anyone has any advice, if anyone has experienced similar pain/injury, and if anyone has had the Mumford procedure done and what were the results.


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    You would need to see the chiro more than three times for it. I typically need between 12-18 visits to get it pain free then stabilized so it doesn't reinjure. Good luck
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    Thanks for the reply muscle-science. after the third visit my Chiro honestly told me I was wasting my money because the clavicle is held in place by two ligaments and there aren't really muscles around to help it stay in place. I never actually separated my shoulder (AC joint) so from my reading/symptoms I'm pretty sure it's distal clavicle osteolysis (weightlifter's shoulder) which doesn't typically get better. You either have to stop doing any exercises that cause pain or get part of your clavicle cut off.

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