specialist said i most likly have nerve damage but the mri didnt detect much and sending me to a nerve conduction test in a couple weeks. Was wondering if i should try bpc on my forearms? is this image below with a red indicator a good spot to inject?Will BPC157 help with my forearm nerve damage???-maxresdefault.jpg

Just a lil back story ive had this tingling/forearm burning for a while now almost a year and it has not gotten better did bpc long time ago with wrong needle size 3' needle and prob didnt reconstitute correctly for both my arms just 1 vial, and im kind of worried that the spot with the image was not a good place for injection and maybe im not healing because i messed up and went to deep in my arms back then? im worried that maybe i messed my arms up that day for the worst? but mri came good so if i had done damage that should have shown it right?

So now im thinking if i get slin pin and do it correctly the bpc might fix it