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    Mighty Duck's cycle- Wk 6

    Well, I have turned into a pimple factory! I didn't have this many zits when I was a teenager!
    So far, I'm up 13 lbs, with little water. Weight gain has really slowed down, probably due to the Nolvadex . (Damn d-bol)
    Any way, strength is up, pumps are awesome. Worked out at the gym today with a friend who I haven't worked out with since I started. He couldn't believe how much stronger I was, and how much more defined I am.
    Heck, got back from the gym after my chest workout and even got a Holy Shit from the wife. She said she see's me every day, but that I just exploded over night

    This stuff is goooooooood!

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    Well it sounds like your enjoying the cycle minus the zits, so good on y'ah. Does your wife know you're on?

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    Hey bro!

    I've been reading your weekly updates and your cycle sounds off the wall bro! Hell yeah....keep busting your ass in the gym bro!!!!

    As for the it the dbols that set them off? If so, what kind are you taking? Try buying some Vitamin B-5 (Pathoic Acid) and take 2 grams a day for the rest of the cycle, maybe that will help slow down the pimples while on.

    Keep posting updates bro!

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