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    Question cutting cycle help please.

    Just getting ready to stock up for my first real cutting cycle.

    I was looking at an all oral cycle and need some help on what to use and what doses is recommended.

    was looking to buy Anavar , clen , winny.
    From what ive read thus far i dont need to run a test with but was thinking of throwing 1ml/week of sus 250 in.

    what doses and time frame should i run these.

    my stats in Sig , but i think ill be about 14%bf about start of cycle and would like to be 8% if possible or less.

    I dont need any lectures just some helpful advice.

    172cm, 83.9kgs ,32, 12%bf
    have done 3 previous cycles with sus 250 and stan.

    Just started a supertest and deca cycle to run 1ml of each for 12 weeks, pct nolva and clomid.
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