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    Help: 4 months off training due to injury

    Hello everybody. I just wanted to ask a simple question really, but before I do I think its best if I told you about my recent history about the injury.

    Well on 1st January 2008 I started training and cardio. Lost about 2stones. Around about March time I went on some gear: Test Propionate , Masteron etc I gained excellent results. But months down the line I got an injury in my left wrist. I had a football match and some footballer stood on my wrist when I went to save a goal. I then went to the hospital and had an x-ray and was told I have broken my left tendon and was told not to do any lifting, heavy or light! So I stopped going gym and became lazy knowing I cant do weights no more. Anyway, its been about 4 months, but Iv put that 2 stone weight back on etc But I'm going back to gym on 1st January, again! lol

    The question I wanted to ask was:

    Is it best to do cardio and lose as much BF I can before I go onto using gear again and then weights?

    Please people if you can help I would appreciate it...


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    Its best to get your BF% below 12% before cycling...

    Its also best for you to lift for a minimum of 2 years without the use of AAS... To achive as much as you can naturally before using AAS.

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