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    Question What can I expect from a winny cycle???

    I'll do a winstrol cycle and I'm very curious about the results I can have
    with it.My cycle is the following:
    *150mg/winstrol per week during 8 weeks=24 ampules/8 weeks
    *legalon 140 mg/dia as protection and clomid in the endo of it.
    So what can I expect of it????
    What do you guys think I can expect from it???
    thanks for your help!!!!

    *PS* this is my first really cycle
    I've used 6 ampules of winny without any results

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    ummm...150 per week...winny is a short acting ester...should be 50 mg ED or EOD i would expect to see absolutely nothing from this small of a dose.

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    I did a short cycle of winny 50 mg EOD for 40 days...( only had 20ml). I got some pretty decent gains. Atleast people asked me if I was "on" something. Didnt gain any weight, but thats cause it was during hockey season and I was skating an hour a day. Endurance went through the roof, and bench went up 20lbs or so. Hope this helps. Jens

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    thanks guys ,more opinions??

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    chinups Guest
    Do shots. 50 mg eod. Clean diet and cardio and you will do nice....Milk thistle and ala for liver......I am going to do the same thing for for about 45-50 days.

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    Isn't 8 weeks rather long for a 17AA like Winstrol ?


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    chinups Guest
    I have heard mix reviews but if you are smart about it I think it is obtainable. I doing 7 wks. Just take precautions...the right supps, also
    -Glucosmine\chondrotin\msm or Triflex which is all three, is good for joints

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    chinups Guest
    -6 weeks of winstrol 50 mg EOD

    -ALA every meal
    -Multi once a day
    -Vit C-3x a day
    -Flax seed oil
    -Milk thistle
    -Glucosmine\chondrotin\msm or Triflex which is all three
    -Niriozol EOD

    Post Cycle( to keep gains)

    There it is

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