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    Some cycle feedback please....

    1. Testosterone Propionate 200mg/T-3 100mcg
    2. Testosterone Propionate 200mg/T-3 100mcg
    3. Trenbolone Acetate 100mg
    4. Trenbolone Acetate 100mg
    5. GH 4iu 2xd/T-3 100mcg
    6. GH 4iu 2xd/T-3 100mcg
    7. GH 4iu 2xd
    8. Testosterone Propionate 200mg/Arginine 10g
    9. Testosterone Propionate 200mg/T-3 100mcg/Arginine 10g
    10. Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/T-3 100mcg
    11. Trenbolone Acetate 100mg
    12. GH 4iu 2xd
    13. GH 4iu 2xd/T-3 100mcg
    14. GH 4iu 2xd/T-3 100mcg
    15. Testosterone Propionate 200mg/Arginine 10g
    16. Testosterone Propionate 200mg/Arginine 10g
    17. Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/T-3 100mcg
    18. Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/T-3 100mcg
    19. GH 4iu 2xd
    20. GH 4iu 2xd
    21. GH 4iu 2xd/T-3 100mcg
    22. Testosterone Propionate 200mg/T-3 100mcg/Arginine 10g
    23. Testosterone Propionate 200mg/Arginine 10g
    24. Trenbolone Acetate 100mg
    25. Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/T-3 100mcg
    26. GH 4iu 2xd/T-3 100mcg
    27. GH 4iu 2xd
    28. GH 4iu 2xd
    *Arginine is ingested on an empty stomach before bed to suppress somatostatin
    *Diet should provide 15 calories per LB of bodyweight daily with a macronutrient break-down of 50% protein, 20% carbs and 30% fats (focus upon fish, flax and grain oils without soy additives)
    *During periods of intended adipose tissue loss bromocriptine 2.5mg daily upon waking is added
    *For improved efficiency GHRP-2 4xd can be layered in on non-GH administration days to maintain normal pituitary function of GH secretion.
    *Additional anabolism can be achieved through the addition of oxandrolone 25-50mg daily
    *Additional adipose tissue loss can be facilitated by the addition of Clenbuterol on non T-3 administration days

    2xd means two times aday thanks...all feedback is welcome thanks

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    How many cycles have you done prior to this one??

    It looks pretty good, but I am no expert. Good Luck and let us know the results brother.

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    a few

    I ran a few cycles

    Cycle four
    test enth 500mgs weeks 1-12
    Growth 4IUs weeks 1-12
    clen two weeks on two weeks off
    t-3 56 days

    day 1-2, 50 mcg 3-4 100mcg 5-18 150 mcg
    19-22 125mcg 23-26 100mcg 27-30 75 31-34 50 mcg
    35-41 37.5mcg 42-48 25 mcg 49-56 12.5 mcg

    winstrol weeks 1-4 50mgs
    Anaver weeks 6-12 50mgs

    cycle three
    EQ- 1/2CC ED 1-15
    PRIMOBOLAN - 400MG A WEEK 1-15
    ANAVAR - 50MG ED 1-10
    PROPINATE 100MG ED 3-15
    GROWTH- 6IUS ED 3- half year
    WINSTROL INJ- 50MG ED 7-15
    HOLOTESTIN- 40MG ED 11-15
    ARIMEDEX- .5 ED 3-19
    INSULIN got up to 10 ius every workout day i ran it weeks 1-6 and 12-19

    before this i played around with EQ test and drol a few times, and then i did some reading and things decided to get more "Bang" for my buck...

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