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    Deca/test e cycle

    Right lets get going. This is my first cycle and i will be taking 400mg/ml deca and 500mg/ml of test e per wk, with injections every sunday and thursday. I will be shooting into my delts. I did my first injection this morning and it was better than i expected, i was nervous as hell but got through it. I will also be running 20mg of novladex throughout the cycle and then clomid for pct.

    6 foot
    bf 10%
    training since 16
    Looking for 200-210lbs.

    Diet has always been pretty good, 6 meals a day (eat every 2.5 hrs), 3000 cals, and a protein shake thrown in some time during the day. Have my own multi-gym and so will be able to get 5 good work-outs done a week. Get a good 8 hours a night and see how far I can go

    I'm going to try and keep this thread updated as I notice that alot of the members stop updating after a few weeks but im hoping to keep uses all informed on how im getting on.
    Well thats about all ive got to say for the minute. Feel free to comment away. Peace.

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    try to get your hands on some nolva for pct run as follows
    Day 1-18: Clomid @ 100 mgs
    Day 1-18: Nolva @ 40 mgs
    Day 18-36: Clomid @ 50 mgs
    Day 18-36: Nolva @ 20 mgs
    you can get shut down hard from deca you should use all your tools for recovery not just clomid.

    Also not to sound like a mad man but seeing how this is your first run with 19-nor compound you may want to consider getting some caber/bromo/prami asap to prevent prolactin issues. Better to be safe then sorry.

    the only reason i mention this is because some people myself included are very sensitive to deca/tren -19nor prolactin issues. It would suck to put in all this hard work and money and have developed some type of gyno. You only get one body you should take care of it.
    Best of luck man. I will be following this for sure.
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    i would run arimidex on cycle instead of nolva and save nolva for pct and i would run pct like this

    nolva- 40/40/20/20
    clomid- 100/100/50/50

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    Firstly thanx for the advice bj and oak.
    But unfortunately everythings not going good as acne has already came out quite bad on my face. Im washing my face as often as i can, but i doubt itll have much of an affect
    Furthermore i am reluctant to take accutane.
    Any advice??

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