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    1st cycle please help

    Going to start my first cycle and would appreciate some help. I would really like some feedback on deca use and its properities for lubricating joints and if anyone can attest to this or against it. Have had 1st degree seperations in both shoulders as well as other joint pain in elbows. I also believe i have a rotator tear right now painful lifting and rotation of shoulder and was still considering going on cycle with injury. If that seems like a really bad idea would like to hear opinions.

    My stats: 31, 185lbs, 5'10", around 10% bf, training 8 years.

    cycle: test cyp 400mg/week 12 weeks
    deca: 200mg/week 10 weeks

    Planning to take arimidex during cycle to treat test gyno sides if seen as well as 200mg/day vitamin B-12 to treat deca gyno sides. Not sure on how much arimidex to use or frequency. Going to avoid novadex use while on cycle because of what i have read on the importance of estrogen for putting on mass, but have on hand if needed.Was planning on doing one weekly shot of each product to reduce possible pain at injection site. Would like advice on this as opposed to multi smaller shots. Life of each product seems to suggest no difference unless I am misinformed.

    Planned post cycle: clomid 3 weeks 100mg 1st 11 days then 50mg/week last 10 days. Also, Novadex 20mg/day for 3 weeks. Start date 2 weeks after last test shot

    Also, bought way too much gear and was wondering what the shelf life is on these two products and proper storage.

    I have been considering about staying on cycle for longer if good gains are still being seen without sides. Does that seem like a bad idea?

    Would greatly appreciate any info anyone could give me.

    ty, and cheers to gettin huge
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    Dont use deca your first cycle. You will prob get the deca dick and not like it one bit. Stay with test only and see how your body reacts with it first. I will let the vets chime in on the other reasons why but I know I am right about the deca.

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