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    Does this get the thumbs up?

    I was thinking Primo/Dbol /Winstrol Tabs for a good cutting/lean muscle mass cycle for summer.

    It would look a lil sumtin like this:

    week 1-10 200mg Primo
    week 1-4 Russian Dbol 5mg ed
    week 7-10 Winstrol Tabs 50mg ed
    week 11-15 Nolvadex 50mg ed
    Clomid starting 3 weeks after last Winstrol tab
    Arimidex would be run ed at .25mg weeks 1-10

    I basically want to put on some lean muscle, but not freaky mass.

    What can I excpect from this?

    Thanks in advance bro's

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    Primo does not aromatise, being that it is a derivative of boldenone , DHB, similar to the testosterone derivative DHT, which is found in winstrol , stanzanol. 5mg of dbol ED, will not give any noticable gains, but it's all personal pref. The arimidex is not needed, seeing as how your stack will not aromtise, for the most part, but if you want to feel safe, keep it. Clomid may not even be needed, as your HTPA won't be shut down by this stack, but again, personal pref. You will see good hard gains, assuming you raise your protein intake and low the fats.

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