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    Smile fina/prop/winny cycle

    Whats up everybody about to start a cuttin cycle on June 1st just wanted some opinions...

    Wks 1-10rop 150mg eod
    Wks 3-10:fina 100mg eod
    Wks 7-10:winny 50mg ed
    clomid post cycle
    also just wanted to know if anyone thinks i should pick up some liquidex for this cycle...not really sure if its necessary

    Thanks in advance and I will try and keep results posted!!!

    O yea my stats r as follows:
    12% bf
    2nd cycle
    would like to increase strenght gain about 10 pds. and get to around 9-10%bf
    Thanks again !!!

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    naa you dont need liquidex with that cycle. You might want to run some EQ from begin till wk 8

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    l-dex won't be needed, you do want to pick up some nolva and run your winny wks5-10

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    i'm running almost same cycle. i'm adding in some t3 starting week 3 for 6 weeks.. i have a higher bf ratio(17 %) so i heard winny is better for someone with lower bf.. so i'm not adding taht in.. maybe my next cycle. but i've done alot of research and asked alot of people and everyone said that ed. is much better than eod. it's the blood at a constant level. so i would recommend.. 75mg fina ed and 50mg prop ed. i don't know if u want to try the t3... it's scary but u have to know what to do and then it's alll good like nething else

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    With the winny, I'm taking 50 mg eod, think it would be better to take 25 mg ed? Thats as much as I can get right now do to dimminishing funds. Also, with T-3, what do you mean you have to know what to do, Ive done my hw, and learned how to stack it, quik taper on, sloooowwww taper off, but is there anything, whether it be just a regular supplement to help protect me?

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