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    test e /test prop/var/npp cycle

    hey everyone back for my 3rd real cycle.. im 37 years old 5'9" weigh about 190

    i was thinking of running it like this ....

    week 1-10 test e 500 per week
    week 1-4 test p 300 per week
    week 1-8 npp 3times per week(not sure correct dosing but i think 300 to 350 total for the week e3d)
    week 6-12 var 100 per day ed
    week 10-12 test p 300 per week

    of course i have my pct and all my sides gear as well
    Ive only messed with Test E and Anavar so NPP will be new as well as the faster acting test P any advice on the NPP ..the stuff i read is pretty positive..

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    If you new to NPP, i would drop the test E and Var and run PROP/NPP for 8weeks.

    Add Ai and HCG to your cycle and clomin/nolva PCT.

    Good luck gaining!!

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    Thanx for the input Gaspaco got some Ai and got some clomid on hand and some nolva for pct ..dont have hcg ..never used it ..ive read up on it... i can get some pretty quick if decide to use it
    My reasoning for the prop and test e I hate waiting for test e to kick in. Id like to see some peoples experience with npp to see if they like it//

    Im a hard head .. ill find out soon enough

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