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    2nd cycle time...

    Last year I completed my first cycle, following advice on the "Novice Cycle" on the front page. This was after training well 3x a week for two years. At the time I was around 74kg at 12-13% body fat. Results were good but not mind blowing probably due to my diet not being as big as it should have been. I also didn't run AI (I know I know) but had no side effects.

    I've decided to run another cycle to get in shape for the summer. This time I'm planning...

    Test Enanthate (500 per week) weeks 1 - 12
    Dianabol (30 every day) weeks 1 - 5
    Arimidex (0.5 every other day) weeks 1 - 12
    Nolvadex (40.40.20) weeks 15 - 17

    I'd appreciate thoughts on this before I start, particularly on the AI.

    Currently I'm around 12%, mid 30's, 77kg, training 5x a week with a 5km run thrown in as well.

    Thanks for reading and advice.
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    im trying to buy gear , where do you get yours from?

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    Jose edit your post and read the rules. No sourcing is allowed here

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