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    Test cyp 500mg 12 week cycle

    Hi everyone

    I will be starting a testosterone cypionate cycle on the 21st of jul 2015 at 500mg (2x250mg) each week for 12 weeks and then a 4 week pct if clomid and nolvadex . I will take a 18 day gap between last pin and pct. I will also be running Arimidex at 0.25mg ED as I am sensitive oestrogen and have recently had surgery to remove pubertal gyno.

    I have been training on and off since I was about 13 which is where I started my journey at 4ft 9 and 142lbs... Yes I was a chunker! By age 16 I was around 5ft 5 and 8st 7 and was fit and healthy and had a six pack. By age 17 I had developed an eating disorder and found myself taking laxatives and doing endless amounts of cardio in the pursuit of losing weight from my already slender frame. So on December 17th 2013 that was it, after watching a YouTube video of furious Pete going from anorexia to bodybuilder I knew things had to change, so the next morning I weighed in at 7st 9lb at 5ft 5 inches tall! Severely underweight and malnourished. So that same day with a ambition and goal to be a bodybuilder I hit the gym, I just about managed 8 reps of 35kg on the bench press and was curling 12kg for really poor reps! The ironic part is that I lifted more when I was fat! Anyway I digress by now I am coming towards the end of my cut from 140lbs down to 130lbs, currently around 5-6% body fat, yes I know "your too light bro you need to bulk up" but okay say I was 150-160lbs at 12-15% body fat, I'd still be way off my goal, in an ideal world for this cycle I aim to finish around 150-155 lbs and around 8% body fat. Another things you may ask, well how old are you? .... I am 19 years old..... Nearly 20, I will be 20 by the time I finish my cycle. This is something I have been thinking about for a while and although many 'haters' will slag me off, I will be posting updates along with pictures and posting my lifts, weigh ins and diet along the course of this cycle. Please I do not want any hate mail as this is going to be ignored, I will appreciate any kinds words. Cheers guys.
    Current lifts are-
    Deadlift-140kg for 1
    Bench-92.5kg for 2
    Squats-100kg for 1( yeah I bench more than I squat come at me lol)
    Will keep you guys posted

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    You're too small and you run the risk of not recovering from the cycle because you're too young and you could end up with the testosterone of a girl that doesn't recover for the rest of your life when you finished look up "the young and steroids " sticky that wil help you and answer questions you may have...

    IMO you should head to the diet and training section and you have PLENTY more gains to accomplish naturally with your already high testosterone levels at your age it will help you in the future when you're old enough to cycle to be able to achieve better gains and better your training for growth learning to train till failure and eating clean foods in a surplus, and a deficit depending on goals and stay consistent only THEN and when you're at least 24-25 should you have any business touching steroids.. Don't be part of the young, impatient crowd that looks for quick fixes.. It never works out well for them.. I know the future seems like forever from now but it's right around the corner believe me this is the youngest you'll ever be. If you have buddies that are your age using if you hold of a few years and tweak your diet and training, stay around this great forum i'm 100% sure you'll like 10x better than they do will all of your knowledge by the time you're 25 and you won't have nearly as many health issues as you would if you started cycling now.. Hope you listen

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    your cycle is too long, split it on 4, about 3 weeks each. that allows a fast recovery and most of time there is no need for a PCT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matri.x View Post
    your cycle is too long, split it on 4, about 3 weeks each. that allows a fast recovery and most of time there is no need for a PCT.
    Can you actually explain that properly so we can try and understand why you mean?

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